Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Podcasts - what are they?

Podcasts are like recorded Radio shows that may easily be listened to at your convenience.

There are many types of podcasts, these are some of the top genres:
(Notice Religion made the list)

Top listened-to Podcasts in 2019
  1. The Daily - the New York Times
  2. This American Life - this American Life/Serial
  3. Stuff you Should Know - iHeartRadio
  4. Up First - News NPR
  5. The Ben Shapiro Show - Daily Wire
Not a inspiring list is it?

I recommend using Google Search, and just search for your particular interests, and add - "Podcasts" to your search.  for example: 57 chevy podcasts Vroom!

Listening to your Podcast

You've found some podcasts to listen to, now you need a convenient way to listen to them. There are many apps for iPhones,iPads and android phones and tablets. These are a few of them:

Apple iPhones, iPads and Apple watches just use the - 
  1. Apple podcast app
Android phones and tablets:
  1. Pocket Casts - one of the best, and free
  2. Google Podcasts - with built in google search
  3. Spotify - podcasts and music
  4. Castbox - podcasts, FM Radio, and audiobooks

Podcasts offer thousands of entertaining and informative shows; So, Happy hunting and find some that match your interests!

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